The Whit’s Dynamo Multimedia Editor

For my final project, I decided to interview Jaryd Leady, the Multimedia Editor of Rowan University’s local newspaper, The Whit. The Whit began in 1938 and since then has become a major on-campus organization for Journalism students to get involved in. Jaryd has a serious passion for multimedia and broadcasting which is what drew me to interview him for this project. When I first reached out to him I was nervous that he would not be as interested in photography as he was with broadcasting. However, Jaryd clearly has a passion for photography and talked with me at length before and after our interview about how much fun photography is for him.

During the interview, Jaryd mentions Professor Timothy Hawk. Professor Hawk just so happens to be the professor I interviewed a couple of weeks ago. I did my audio post about him and it was interesting to see Professor Hawk’s passion for photography affect someone else that I interviewed.

However, Jaryds work goes beyond just photography. He has been writing for The Whit for some time now. Here is the most recent article he has written for The Whit, it came out on April 22.

Jaryd talked with me for a while about photography and some of his other hobbies as well. He mostly uses a crop sensor camera that he rents from the university’s Journalism Department and hasn’t gotten around to getting his own camera. He uses the university’s Canon T5i with the kit lens to capture the photographs he takes for The Whit . But that doesn’t stop him from shooting for fun. If you want to learn more about Jaryd, you can watch the above interview I conducted with him. I also got some good angles of him shooting with my camera!


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